All you need to know about Pengle. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Pengle - All you need to know about Pengle. How to play, tips and even cheats.


Pengle Is The Most Interesting Facebook Game

The Pengle is designed by the Korean developer, who is famous for social games like a Superball, Diggle and Buggle. Pengle has become the most interesting Facebook game with multiple fact, it is a puzzle game in which the players search for gems. The gems can either be apparent oil stained or to match the gems on the top of given spaces. The players have to clear the gems in this game. Each level gives restricted moves, and if the level is completed, the player gets the bonus as well.


The Pengle has designed different ways to earn currency. The credit can either be purchased, or the player can earn it by playing a strategic game. In order to increase the Facebook credits, the user buys numerous upgrades. The game gives an opportunity to the player to earn limitless lives with 1.50 dollar for one day. On the other hand, the player can get a permanent life with 49.95 $.


There are some special social attributes of the Pengle. It has a Leaderboars for all levels. This board shares the achievements and earning with other players and friends. The user sets his preference how to share the Leaderboard with others? It gives a perfect way to players to join the game and play it with confidence. Unlike other games, this has a continuous series of  levels and all the levels are interlinked with previous stages.


On the whole, Pengle is liked by the Facebook community. The penguin in this game has to protect the oceans friends and the player assist him by selecting the right gems. It is not an easy game as the level goes up, the game becomes complicated. The player experiences a different kind of world known as “Pengle” where he has to give to facilitate the penguin. The penguin is named Pete. It is not just a color matching game. The Pengle has used graphics in an artistic way that sometimes the player wants to give up. The reason behind its familiarity is its interest building mechanism. Unlike other color matching games, the Pengle works with a proper story. It has 180 levels and all levels have been interlinked with each other. In order to win the game, there are special tips and cheats for the players. The user can download the attractive cheat and hack for all levels.

The Pengle is a fabulous entry in the world of curiosity arousing games. It is a great puzzle based game that excites the player to keep on playing the level. The Pengle has a multi-functional game. The player can invite the Facebook friends to join the game. The Leaderboard is available to show the remarkable results of the player. In fact, Facebook has attracted the users by giving them the opportunity to pass their leisure time in great fun. There is no need to purchase games or download it from the websites. You can play online Facebook game, and the record will be displayed to others players.

  • lois says:

    i play pengle but now it wont let me on facebook it goes to 89 percent but wont load

    July 21, 2013 at 7:50 am
    • Bella says:

      Lois…. most of my apps on facebook don’t work properly. I’ve tried every solution offered by others but I’m going to get professional technical help because this is way beyond me.

      Best Regards,

      October 29, 2013 at 10:34 pm
  • jan says:

    pengle wont load anymore in face book

    September 16, 2013 at 2:58 am
  • Irene Laidlaw says:

    pengle wont let me on facebook at all nothing

    October 12, 2013 at 2:32 am

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